Getting started

Vision and mission

Scent of Solana is an Interactive collection of NFTs.
SPRING token is the water source that supports the entire Scent of Solana ecosystem.
LaNd NFT is the main water source
Wonder how Solana smells? This project will fly you to the scent universe of Solana blockchain. Our goal is to mix in the millions of NFT and provide a special Scent in your wallet. Scent of Solana is unique and a must have NFT for everyone, especially for those who already have an NFT collection in their wallet. In this case, the bottle of scent will let your collection reborn with a new smell. Works perfectly with all NFT’s. Scent of solana provides not just the NFT, but a Litemeta of additional platforms to get users to earn SPRING tokens, discover unique Scents and get into the adventure.
Quick ERA1 Facts
Project name: Scent of Solana
ERA1 phase NFT count: 3000
Project token: SPRING
Spring token total: 120 000 000
100 whitelist members
Genesis NFT holders