Earn economy!

\| Every Scent of Solana NFT can produce from 50 to 100 SPRING tokens per day.
Scent economy is based on NFT ERA1 (genesis) holdings. Each holder will be airdropped with two NFT's - LaNd and ERA2 empty bottle. LaNd is an NFT which will have one attribute - endless cold water spring. Owning the LaNd there will be the possibility to pour a SPRING token to the ERA2 empty bottle. Filled bottles could be sold/traded/burned in SPRING pool.
Later, Scent economy will include recipes and different bottles as NFT. Users will have a flexible way to create/burn/sell/buy any of NFT or token. In ERA3 LaNd map will be revealed, where LaNd owners will bet more ways to contribute to their earnings. Creativity is the key to a perfect Scent.
Every day, at 3:00 UTC LaNd will generate a 100 SPRING tokens, aka 100 ml of spring water. Depenging on your NFT bottle capacity you will be able to store and add a scent to make it SCENT bottle which will be more rich in value, or you could grind your SPRING everyday and sell it to the SPRING pool
SPRING token will be also used for acquiring fragrance/scent notes or refill bottle later, in ERA3